Aug 13

The Unknown Soldier (2017)


  • Eero Aho
  • Johannes Holopainen
  • Jussi Vatanen
  • Aku Hirviniemi
  • Hannes Suominen
  • Paula Vesala
  • Samuli Vauramo

“The Unknown Soldier” (2017) is a powerful piece of cinema that brilliantly captures the essence of sacrifice, resilience, and the human spirit during wartime. Directed by up-and-coming talent Aku Louhimies and supported by a cast and crew, this lesser-known but successful war film is one of the best war films in recent memory.

Set in a war-torn land, the film tells the poignant story of ordinary people caught up in the horrors of war, swept up in the chaos of conflict. Not focusing on the grandeur of battles like most war films, “The Unknown Soldier” evokes the personal experiences and emotional struggles of a soldier in its characters. This intimate approach not only distinguishes it from its counterparts but also enables the audience to connect on a deeper emotional level.

The cinematography of the film is a strong factor in its success. It’s a visual feast, and the filmmaker has managed to capture both the devastating nature of the war-torn landscapes as well as their awe-inspiring beauty. From lush, serene scenes set against the horrors of war, to intense close-ups that convey the reality of the characters, every frame feels meticulously crafted.


What makes “The Unknown Soldier” truly meaningful is its exceptional cast. Their performances are incredibly nuanced and authentic, making the characters relatable and capable of capturing the audience’s sympathy. The film bravely explores the psychological toll of war on humanity, delving into the struggles they face on the battlefield and within themselves. The ensemble cast delivers outstanding performances, each actor brings a unique depth to their role and the viewer feels the pain, fear, and hope every second.

When mentioning the story, it does not highlight the main character. It follows the Artillery Season between Finland and the Soviet Union from 1942 to 1943. Rekka, Lattinen, Hietanen, Kariluoto, Keskala, etc. are all risking their lives in the battle and the film ends with the final counterattack of the Finnish people and the war declaring an armistice in September 1944. “The Unknown Soldier” isn’t just a war movie; It is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the sacrifices made by countless individuals for a greater common cause. It can also serve as a reminder that the bonds of friendship, love, and humanity continue to shine amid the chaos of war. It prompts the audience to reflect on the true cost of conflict and the lasting impact it has on those who endure it.


Finally, “The Unknown Soldier” is a hidden gem that deserves wider recognition. Its expertly woven narrative, outstanding performances, and emotional depth make it a must-see for anyone looking for a meaningful cinematic experience. That’s why a movie like this should be in a movie collection.

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