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Top Gun Maverick is another attractive movie made by capturing a fighter jet pilot of the American army. The main character here is Captain Pete Maverick Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise. He is super talented. So much so that even if he is qualified to be a star admiral, he is still a captain because of his passion for flying.

     The story begins with the incident of Captain Maverick, who learned that the hypersonic jet project he was experimenting with was going to stop and, that money was going to use for another project. There the jet explodes, but he saves his life. After that incident, he had to participate as an instructor in the pilot school called ‘Top gun’. It was at the request of Captain Iceman, who was his best friend. The project he gets at the Top gun school is ambitious, an operation that everyone rejected because of the high risk involved. He had to train a group of twelve best fighter jet pilots who had attended the top gun school for this mission. In that mission, they had to blast a power plant. Although he doesn’t like it at first, Maverick accepts the job.

This Uranium power plant built underground in violation of NATO rules is a threat to the surrounding areas. But the biggest problem is that the GPS does not work in the area. A high-tech security system was set up to destroy any enemy aircraft that entered the zone of this power plant, which was located in a dangerous geographical area. So, his friend Admiral Icemen suggested Maverick for this job because there is no one else to handle such a dangerous and heavy task.

As the story goes like this, the first meeting between these new officers and Captain Maverik will not be good. But from the first lecture, he prepares those officers to face the risk by giving them risk experiences. The Bradley Bradshaw among this group is special to Maverick. It was Bradshaw, the son of his best friend Bruce, whom Maverick still mourns the loss of when he died on a mission years ago. Because Bradshaw thinks that his father died because of Maverick. Will the captain be able to successfully prepare this group of people with different abilities and different behaviors for that dangerous mission? How will they cope with the mission? Not only these things but there are also many stories that I have not told in this movie. Especially events like the reunion of the Captain’s old girlfriend Penny.

So, to know you have to watch this movie. In recent times, there is no other film that has exceeded 9 in the IMDB index and has received a response level of almost 90% on critic sites like rotten tomatoes. It is a film that has received the attention and praise of the audience. It is also an award-winning film that has won numerous awards such as the National Board of Review. I am right if I say that all aspects of this movie, from the actors and actresses to script writing, direction, cinematography, cinematic visual effects, dialogues, sounds, backdrops, etc.. are of a high quality and creative level. It is a movie that can be watched without any laziness. Battle scenes and war scenes are shown genuinely. As well as comedy, love, sadness, anger, and other emotional expressions have added to the film’s attractiveness.

The entire world knows that Tom Cruise, who plays the lead role, is a very talented award-winning actor. At the same time, the fact that the other actors and actresses who support him also do their work without a second thought must have helped a lot in the success of the film. I invite you to choose this movie directed by Joseph Kosinski without any debate or comparison. See from yourself how this stubborn risk-taker, the heroic Captain Maverick, succeeds in his final mission pending retirement.

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