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The true story of a dog that overcame humanity

TOGO (2019)


William Dafoe as Leonhard Seppala

Julianne Nicholson as Constance Seppala

 First of all, even if you are an animal lover and raise pets, especially dogs, this is a movie that can make you feel very emotional. The “Togo” is a Disney company product. It was created based on a true story and can also be considered a tribute to a heroic dog.

This movie is based on a sensitive story about a heroic deed done for the people by the beasts who carry the noble qualities of humanity such as love, kindness, and altruism, which are not seen even among people today. Leonhard Seppala, the master of Togo, lived in Norway a few decades ago, and his job was to transport goods by dog-powered snowmobiles. Togo is the pilot dog of his dog team.

Togo was a very mischievous and annoying puppy when he was young. That’s why, even though Leonhard let others take care of him, he ran away from all those places and came back to Leonhard as if he felt that his destiny was there. When Togo was young, he became a more responsible, brave, courageous, and strong dog than any other dog. In the province of Nome in Norway, where there is snow most of the year, some small children are seriously ill due to diphtheria at this time.

At a time when they are helpless because they don’t have the medicine, they need there. At a time when they are helpless because there is no medicine they need, Seppala and Togo are two of the team members who offered to bring the medicine they needed from Alaska. At that time, when there were no transportation facilities like today, in weather where others did not even want to step out of the house, in the middle of severe blizzards, in the blood-curdling cold, one can feel how much determination Togo had to travel with the master, for his responsibility.

While the rest of the group walked 20–25 miles, Togo alone with his master traveled more than 250 miles—according to Togo’s story, 264 miles—across the Alaskan tundra. Ericson Core, the director, was able to create his heroism and courage in the same way. The Siberian husky dog Diesel portrayed Togo’s youth very skillfully.

Togo and Leonardo
Togo's preservation
Togo statue

I see “Togo” as an opportunity to learn high qualities from a dog, such as how to love its friends and how to be honest. I can only admire his devotion and bravery in choosing death for his master and the noble mission he carried out. But it is a matter of sadness that the good people of that time saluted not Togo but Balko, the dog who finished the journey. Despite the situation, the sacrifice made by his master Leonhard and his kind wife to protect him like a child by giving Togo the love and care he needed should be appreciated.

 This sensitive work, which stops the heart for a moment and brings a tear to the eye, is a very successful work using a group of talented actors and actresses, cinematography, and many visual effects. I see that this design, which can be enjoyed by all ages, is made for sensitive hearts. Watch this and get that feeling too.

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