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THE 355 (2022)

Cast – Jessica Chastain as Mace, Diane Kruger as Marie Schmidt, Penélope Cruz as Graciela Rivera, Fan Bingbing as Lin Mi Sheng, Sebastian Stan as Nick Fowler, Lupita Nyong’o as Khadijah Adiyeme, Édgar Ramirez as Luis Rojas, Evie Wray as Mum, Jason Flemyng as Elijah Clarke

Run time 124 minutes. It is an action spy thriller movie directed by Simon Kinberg. It has filmed in London and Paris. This movie story has written by Kinberg and Theresa Rebic.

The name of the movie is also used as the name of the American Revolutionary War female spy code. The film’s title is the code name of a woman who served as a patriot in the American Revolution.


What happens when four pretty girls with different abilities and skills work together? If they use their abilities to save the world. Now you will feel a little bit nervous. Let’s see what is there.

There were four girls Mace, Marie, Graciela, and Khadijah. Mace works in the CIA, Khadijah is a computer specialist, Graciela is a Colombian DNI agent and a psychologist and Marie is a semi-retired MI6 operator.

Why did they get together? The reason is very important because there is a device that has super technology to hack any kind of machine in the world. Therefore, it can control moving planes and even satellites, messing up financial markets, etc. These special decryption drivers were submitted by Elijah Clarke, a drug dealer and criminal.

     Then will it not be a threat to the entire world? The Colombian authorities surround Elijah’s mansion and kill him. Meanwhile, DNI agent Luis Rojas retrieves Elisa’s device. It was assigned to buy from Louis by CIA agent Mason Brown. Agent Mason travels to Paris with her boyfriend. At the CIA headquarters agent Mason learns that her boyfriend has died.

    Meanwhile, Mason’s boss wishes she could somehow get her drive back, and then she travels to London to meet a friend of hers, a retired MI6 operator Khadijah. Lewis made a plan for a psychologist, Graciela Rivera to get the drive. Khadija and Mace chase Lewis and Graciela, where Lewis dies and gives a phone that can track the drive and can be operated by Graciela before he dies.

     Marie, Mace, Khadija, and Garcia chase after the thief who runs away with the driver. Meanwhile, Marie keeps Garcia in a safe place. After that, all four agree to work together. After that, all four go to Morocco to chase the thief. Somehow, the four who finally caught the thief and got the driver are happy, while the news tells us that many places in the city are messed up. The idea is that the real drive is still in the hands of the thieves. Will this group of people be able to recover the relevant drive? Later, they learn from the thief that what they have is not the real drive, but a model of it.

               After that, the group gets the help of a Chinese woman Lin Mi Sheng. Will they get the related device? To find the solutions to these problems, you must watch this movie till the end. Then those women with different abilities are trying to avoid getting that device to the wrong people.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Generally, it knows that women are smooth and kind. But here the situation is different. They are aiming for one target. So that they have become just like evils. Here five women represent different races. It gives a message to the audience which humans should not be treated as several races but as one race. Because man differs in external appearance but all have the same color of blood inside. As well as unity is the power. This film has shot in different locations in Paris and London. Therefore it has a nice background. It has several fights and gunshots within the film story. I hope you will enjoy it. 

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