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Sisu 2022

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Sisu is a 2022 historical action film written and directed by Almari Helander. The film Sisu is based on the real-life story of Simo Haiha, a Finland army sniper who fought against the German Red Army during World War II. Filmed in the village of Nurgam in Lapland, Finland, the film’s estimated cost is $6.5 million. It is distributed by Sony Pictures World-Wide Acquisitions and Lionsgate. Sisu has an IMDB rating of 6.9 with a high positive response of around 94% on review sites like Rotten Tomatoes. One of the reasons for its success is the different story based on this movie, which was a box office hit in 2022.

Atami once served as an army officer in Finland and was a recluse after losing his family while fighting as a commando during the Cold War. Living in beautiful Finnish Lapland, his only companions in his solitary life were a horse named Korpi and a dog named Bedlington terrier. A gold mine found in the land of Lapland changes his destiny without a proper purpose but with the hope of living. Atami is able to take the audience with him throughout the film as he travels to the city with his life partners to collect gold nuggets from this randomly found gold mine and cash them in.

A large Waffen SS force led by Bruno Helldorff of the German Army was retreating towards Norway when Atami was headed towards Rovaniemi with the gold bars. It is brought to Atami’s attention that several women in Finland are being held captive by Helldorff and others, who are not very interested in Atami. However, Atami is attacked by a second group of soldiers, and during the investigation, Helldorff learns about the gold bars Atami had. Accordingly, Helldorff is tempted to change his aim and lead his fleet in search of gold.

Atami’s horse dies due to a bomb planted by Helldorff and his group, who are chasing after Atami to find gold mines. Atami also tries to rescue a group of captive women while using his military experience in this solo but tactical battle. As the battles between Atami and Helldorf become increasingly fierce, the feeling of uncertainty about the ending will fade away after watching the film. So I don’t want to detract from the rest of the story.


But there are a few more things that must be said. The film’s backgrounds are one of them. What is the environmental beauty of Finland, even in terrible wartime, is a point that draws attention throughout the film.

It seems that the filmmaker has managed to capture the natural beauty of the surroundings even in a bloody land scene, and although it belongs to the 1940s and 50s, the background has been prepared in a way that suits that period, but it has not been possible to hide the environmental values.

And the realistic battles that come here should also be mentioned. Realistic fighting techniques and tactics are used here that are not seen even in the most advanced designs of today’s modern technology. Sisu 2022 can be termed as a film that provides the kind of experience that should be in an action film, that is, the viewers feel as if they are in the middle of a battle. The entire film, including the relatively quiet first half hour, followed by the suspenseful last hour, is perfect with various strategies that hold the audience’s attention. Among all that, the excellent performance of Jorma Tommila, who plays the role of Atami, may have been the reason for the success of the film. With the strength of screenwriting, direction, and acting, as well as the superb presentation of the backdrops, costumes and fight scenes, Sisu cannot be prevented from becoming one of the best films of the 2020s.

I invite you to see the life ambition of a lonely man while witnessing the cruelty of war and enjoying the beauty of the background through Sisu 2022. 

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