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comedy and mystery.


  • ·         Sam Rockwell as Inspector Stoppard
  • ·         Saoirse Ronan as WPC Stalker
  • ·         Adrien Brody as Leo Köpernick
  • ·         Ruth Wilson as Petula Spencer
  • ·         Reece Shearsmith as John Woolf
  • ·         Harris Dickinson as Richard Attenborough
  • ·         Shirley Henderson as Agatha Christie

A person can evade the law by committing a crime but never conscience. You’ve no doubt heard of this famous saying. Also, you must have heard about Agatha Christie, who is known as the queen of crime novels. This is a fictional story about another crime that happened when Agatha Christie was alive. See How They Run, directed by Tom George, written by Mark Chapell, and produced by Damian Jones and Giana Carter, was released in 2022 and grossed $22 million worldwide. This film, which received more than 75% positive responses on critics’ websites, is another successful work in the category of comedy and mystery.

The story of this work is a conspiracy that takes place in a theater in London in 1953. As the drama The Mouse Trap celebrates its 100th season, its producer John Wolf is planning to release it as a movie, where he has hired the American director Leo Kopernics as the director of the film.

He also participates in the event. There, Leo who was drunk shows inappropriate behavior towards the woman named Sheela Sim. Leo Copernicus left there after having a conflict with her husband and co-star Richard Attenborough who was angry about this.

But then they find the body of Leo Kopernics who was killed behind the stage. The Metropolitan Police intervenes to solve the mystery. Police Inspector Stoppard, who is in charge of the investigations, starts the investigation. 


beautiful Stolkar, a rookie police constable, comes to his aid. According to Stoppard, everyone in the theater at the time was a suspect. Especially Richard Attenborough, who had a conflict with Leo Copernicus, Petula Spencer, the producer of the play The Mouse Trap, and Edna Romney, the wife of film producer Wolf, are all among them. Investigating the information in this way, Inspector Stoppard and Constable Stalker inspect the Savoy hotel room where Kopernics stayed.

There they find an address book with women’s details. And got some good clues from the hotel manager. During the investigations that proceed in this way, at one point the suspicion falls on Inspector Stoppard. You must be curious to know how it is, whether they will be able to find the murderer, and also to know who the murderer is. To satisfy your curiosity, you must watch this movie.

Every minute spent with See How They Run will have you lost in curiosity and thirst for the next scene. Meanwhile, the witty comedy will always keep you entertained. Along with Saoirse Ronan playing the role of Constable Stalker, Sam Rockwell, Adrian Board, Ruth Wilson, Recee Shearsmith, Harris Dixon, and Sherly Henderson, all the actors have given the film a good light. By matching and handling all the elements like socio-economic surroundings, dialogues, and costumes, the director succeeds in making you a person in the theater where the murder took place.

Proving that the truth can never be hidden no matter what one pretends to be, this film is sure to be a very interesting experience for the audience of Hidden Mysteries.

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