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·         A little boy who believes his hero is still alive, Sam Clary (Javon Walton)

·         A legendary character who leads a quiet life, Joe Smith (Sylvester Stallone)

·         A thug trying to seize power in a city,

·         A mother engaged in a difficult life battle with her child,

·         A lover who waits for her lover to become the evil king of the city,

meet each other.

A wonderful creation in which an uncertain chain of events flows from second to second, Starting with Sam Clary, this poor little boy, used to watch videos of a story of a legend about a hero and a villain that was making news 25 years ago, as his hobby, so the hero or Samaritan and the villain or Nemesis in this story are two brothers who were born as twins with super powers. Due to the superpower of these two, the residents of their city put them and their parents in a house and burned it, but because of that power, they both survived

        So, after becoming adults, this Nemesis seeks revenge on the townspeople who killed their parents. But Sam is trying to save the townspeople from that brother’s evil deeds, so there are fierce conflicts between these two. But because of their superpowers, none of them will get in trouble, but at one point, Nemesis creates a super hammer to kill Samaritan.

While the story of the video goes like this, our thirteen-year-old poor boy, Sam Clary, lives with his mother in a very poor and helpless situation, so when he goes on the wrong path to get out of his poverty, he meets the Syrus. There are a lot of gangsters in the Syrus. After joining his first robbery with a small gang, Sam has a small conflict with the members of that group.

     However, when these conflicts continue to increase, little Sam’s old neighbor Joe Smith comes to his aid. Joe tries to save Sam from that wrong path when Syrus tries to use Sam for his next mission, which is to blow up the power plant. What will be the meeting between the series and this old Joe, who is trying to be the next nemesis of the city?

Will Little Sam meet his video hero?

Was Sam’s video hero, Samaritan, killed by a weapon made by his evil brother Nemesis?

Will Syrus get a chance to become another Nemesis?

      If you want answers to these questions, you have to watch this movie.

This beautiful movie, filled with horror, fear, and curiosity, is a highly successful film in terms of fight scenes and emotional expressions. Sylvester Stallone in a very successful performance as Joe Smith, little Sam Clary, or Javon Walton manages to hold the audience’s attention from the beginning to the end through his performance.

Join us to buy Samaritan, the latest movie directed by Julius Avery released at the end of 2022 for you who want to enjoy a high-quality creation.

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