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·         Dwayne Johnson as John Hartley;

·         Ryan Reynolds as Nolan Booth and

·         The beautiful and sexy Gal Gadot as Bishop 

make us lost in Red Notice.

·         Ritu Arya as Inspector Urvashi Das; 

·         Chris Diamantopoulos as Scatter and 

·         Brenna Marie Narayan as Cleopatra.

Special support is given to the main characters.

    Red Notice is a movie that many people have been eagerly waiting to release. This movie, which falls into the category of action and comedy, is a wonderful and entertaining creation with many incidents that you can’t imagine happening.

I was far away from the outside world for those few minutes spent with Red Notice. Because it is a movie that can attract the audience as much. If you want to enjoy it, you must watch this movie. The 3 most popular actors contributed to this movie, which Netflix spent the most money on, and Google’s rate exceeded 90%. 

It is a new trend to create movies based on old legends. Red Notice is based on a wonderful story based on such an old legend. This story’s beginning goes back to Cleopatra’s time, the immortal queen of Egypt. The special gift that Antony, Queen Cleopatra’s lover, gave Cleopatra on their wedding day. The story is based on the three golden eggs. According to the movie, this legend is true. It happened centuries later when two eggs were found on a farm near Cairo, Egypt. One of those two eggs is kept in a museum in Rome, while the other egg is kept in a special safe room of a smuggler called Shatter. In the beginning, it was said that no one knew what happened to the third egg or where it was.

    The story begins with a red notice that says it is a crime to rob the golden egg in a museum in Rome. Accordingly, Urvashi Das and her team from Interpol and John Hardly and his team from the FBI are coming to this museum. It is assumed that John Hardly, who came from the FBI, has already stolen the golden eggs. But since the golden egg is in the showroom, the manager does not know about it. John uses a special scan to confirm his guess that the golden egg has already been stolen and replaced by a fake egg in the showroom. When the manager found out about this and tried to search the whole museum, a person named Nolan who was there tried to run away. Somehow, Nolan escapes from there and then we find these people again on the island of Bali.

Nolen’s stolen goods were kept in a special place on Bali island. Urvashi and the Interpol team were able to arrest Nolen and the lost golden egg there. There, the golden egg, which John Hardly put on a special disguise and deposited in the Interpol vehicle, came and Bishop, who was disguised as an Interpol officer, transferred it to a fake egg again. The Interpol officers, who found out that the egg was fake, suspected John and arrested him.

So, if I tell the whole story, it will reduce its value. But I know you have a lot of questions now. Who is this Bishop, what happened to the golden egg she took, the second egg near the smuggler called Scatter, and then… the third egg with no details. Who are they stealing these from?

Answers to all your questions like this can be found only in this movie. That means you have to watch this movie if you want to lose your curiosity. This kind of good entertaining movie was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. I am confident that this is definitely one of your favorite movies.

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