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MORBIUS (2022)

  • Starting
  • ·         Jared Leto as Dr.Morbius
  • ·         Matt Smith as Milo
  • ·         Adria Arjona as Martin
  • ·         Jared Harris
  • ·         Al Madrigal
  • ·         Tyrese Gibson

Many of the main fictional characters found in comic books have been presented live in movies. Morbius is a similar fictional character found in comic book series published by Marvel Comics. This character was first brought to life in 1971, in the amazing Spider-Man movie. But if not the main character, the whole movie revolves around Mobius, through the movie Morbius 2022 directed by Daniel Espinosa. Screenplay by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. Jared Leto is playing the main character Dr. Michael Moebius, and the other characters are Mach Smith, Andrea Arjun Reddy, Harry Street, and Tile. Filming begins in London in 2019 and is set for release in Mexico in 2022.

The story here is about Dr. Michael Mobius, a brilliant biochemist. He has a surrogate brother, the wealthy businessman Milo Morbius. Both of them suffer from a very rare blood-related disease. So, although Morbius’s attempt to find a cure for this disease and cure himself is not with bad intentions, he accidentally becomes a fake vampire in that effort. 

Using unethical methods, he attempts to cure his condition through genetic modification in these experiments using the blood of vampire bats. But due to an unexpected turn of events, he gains various abilities of vampire bats such as superhuman strength, extraordinary speed, and the ability to heal quickly, while also developing an extreme thirst for blood.

At first, he kills his crew and quenches his bloodlust, but from the moment he regains consciousness, his efforts to control his vampire nature and his self-struggle against his violent nature show him as a villain as well as a hero. When Brother Milo finds out about Dr.Morbius, he also needs the medicine, but Morbius refuses to give it, he takes it by force and the resulting conflict takes the story to more complex dimensions.

While Doctor Mobius quenches his thirst with artificial blood in the laboratory, he tries to produce antibodies to get rid of the condition. But Milo can’t control his vampire nature and is tempted to kill people to satisfy his bloodlust. Meanwhile, FBI agents Stroud and Rodrigo chase the murders. You have to watch this to know how the fate of Dr. Morbius and Brother Milo, who was reborn as vampires, will be resolved in this movie that will keep you intrigued and excited at every second.

I can’t imagine why this film, which generates a complex but terrifying supernatural flavor, is not very good on critical websites, but the audience’s response to it is not so good. Because, according to me, the use of modern technology, the story, the action scenes, visual effects, the matching of situations, and the contribution of talented actors and actresses in the animation of the characters is something that can be seen as excellent. I have given you a rough idea of the story here.

The complexity of the portrayal of the main character, who oscillates between heroism and villainy and suffers from it, is away from the construction of traditional heroic characters. So I invite you to put the critics aside and watch this. I am sure you will never regret the 104 minutes spent with it.


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