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Main Characters – (Karen Gillan), Scarlet (Lena Headey), young Sam (Freya Allan), Emily (Chloe Coleman), Madeleine (Carla Gugino), Florence (Michelle Yeoh), Anna May (Angela Bassett), Nathan (Paul Giamatti)

This film has shot mostly in Germany. It has released on the 21
July 2021. It lasts 114 minutes.

The film begins with the story of a female assassin named Sam, who joins a shady organization called ‘The Firm’. Before she returns to her apartment, she was attacked by a group of men against her organization and injured. Then she called her leader Nathan. Sam remembered an incident that happened 15 years ago, where she sat in a restaurant one day and waited for her mother for three hours.

       The mother who came late apologized to her. Then they drank a milkshake together. Shortly after that, Sam gave her daughter a pistol hidden in a book, but suddenly a Russian gangster broke into the restaurant. Immediately, Scarlett hid. Then the gang entered the restaurant and the leader of the gang approached Sam and threatened him and asked where her mother was. Scarlett immediately came out and destroyed the mob. Then she ran away from the station as another group chased after her. There, Sam tried to follow his mother, but Nathan came and stopped her. Meanwhile, Scarlett flees in a vehicle. After that, Nathan met and talked to Sam. Sam gave her advice and warnings. After that, Sam joined the Nadan organization.  She severed from that organization. Once she had to recover some money stolen from ‘The Firm’.

After Sam got that money, she disobeyed Nathan and ran away with the money. Then Nathan sent three thugs after her to get the money back. At the bowling alley, she refused to return the money, fought off the three thugs, and escaped. Nathan then instructed the thugs to kidnap Sam’s daughter. Sam then returned the money to the thugs at a video store and got her daughter, Emily. Then she kept her daughter in a safe place and followed the thugs back. 

We all know that library books are used to gain knowledge but here books are used to hide weapons. It has several fighting and shooting scenes. Most of the fights gave us fun rather than fear. As an example, Sam fights and shoots at the hospital with three thugs and Sam bites the ear of one thug. Another one is how Sam pulls a gun trigger with her paralyzed hand it was done by a doctor. These kinds of irrational things are included in this film. It’s most of the fights are taking place in dark or dull environments. It is trying to explain the daughter-mother relationship. It is full of bloody fights, shootings, blooding, etc.

Will Sam be able to get the money back? Will she be able to escape from the place with her daughter? Will she meet her mother again? To get answers to many such problems, this movie must be watched till the end. I invite you to enjoy Gunpowder Milkshake, definitely Will be satisfied with the time spent with this. 

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