Aug 13

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, a standalone sequel to 2019’s Knives Out, is among the top 10 movies of 2022. Daniel Crag as lead detective Benoit Blank also plays the same role in Glass Onion. Written and directed by Rian Johnson, this is a production of Rian Johnson and Hamburg. Distributed worldwide via Netflix, the film grossed $15 million in one week, claiming the highest theatrical release ever for a Netflix film. With a 92 percent favorable rating on review sites like Rotten Tomatoes, The Glass Onion is an excellent addition to the American mystery genre. In terms of its story, 2020 covid 19 happened during the pandemic. Miles Bone, the billionaire co-founder of technology company Alfa, runs a murder-mystery game at his private island mansion in Greece, the Glass Onion. In attendance are his friends Lionel Toussaint, ALFA’s chief scientist, Connecticut Governor Claire Dr., fashion designer and model Berdy J., men’s rights campaigner Duke Cody, and ALFA co-founder Cassandra Andre. Birdie’s assistant Peg and Duke’s girlfriend Whiskey take part in the trip to the island.

  The famous detective Benoit also joins them, but Miles says that Benoit was not invited, but another guest was invited to him as a joke and allows him to stay. Then comes Miles showing off his assets before dinner. There he shows his friend’s precious glass sculptures and the Mona Lisa painting borrowed from the Louvre. Knowing that Miles’s glass onion house is powered by a fuel called ‘Clear’  an alternative to hydrogen that has not yet been adequately researched, Lionel and Claire object to it, but Miles ignores it.

  Although the first half hour of the film unfolds like this, it becomes clear to you that Cassandra Andre died about a week before the trip to Miles Island, and that her twin sister, Helen, is standing in for her. After watching the first half of the story to know that Helen is used by Benoite Blank for solving the mystery of her sister’s death. However, Blank has to solve the mystery of not only Andre’s death but Claire’s death. Meanwhile, you can see how the dangerous clear energy affects. No matter how much this movie intrigues you, I won’t say anything further. To quench your thirst, you have to watch this. The screenplay and direction of this film, which has been woven together by packing a series of intertwined events, have received very high critical responses because the events have been well handled by handling the complexity and curiosity of the events. It should also be said that Rian Johnson, who has performed well in Glass Onion by writing and directing, was nominated for many awards for this. 

You can see the actors and actresses including Daniel Cragg, who plays in it, living in their roles very skillfully. Another aspect of its music that has received critical acclaim is that Glass Onion contains many of the hallmarks of high-end cinema, both mentioned and not. Therefore let me stop by inviting you to add it to your movie collection to enjoy such a high creation.


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