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FINCH (2021)

Main characters –     Tom Hanks as Finch, Caleb Landry Jones as Jeff, Lora Martinez-Cunningham as the mother(flashback), Oscar Avila as the truck driver, Laura Harrier as Linda, Marie Wagenman as the daughter


It has filmed around New Mexico from February to May 2019. The ozone layer has been destroyed due to a severe man-made environmental disaster, the atmosphere of the earth has been affected by harmful rays and the environment is very hot and covered with a cloud of dust. Human civilization has completely ended in a post-apocalyptic era. A story about such a man unfolds.

  Finch is an inventor and robotics engineer who survives in an underground bunker. According to the movie, he is the last man on earth, and the only companion he has left in this world to spend the night with is a friendly dog. Its name is Goodyear. Since Goodyear is lonely after his death, Finch creates an android robot named Jeff. Jeff can walk, understand Finch’s commands, and make sense of the world. His electronic voice is almost human-like, and Finch tries to make him as sensitive as a real human, which Goodyear might not have noticed without him.

   This movie, which revolves around the trio of Jeff Finch and Goodyear, is a strange, mysterious science fiction, and although no other characters appear in it, the audience is restless because there are cases in which it is suspected that there are other people or other beings besides Finch. Curiosity is created. Living in an underground bunker, eating canned food, even when all expectations about life are broken, what will be the end of Finch’s tireless effort to tomorrow for his beloved companion? Will Finch be able to develop his skills so that Jeff can be entrusted with the same responsibility of caring for his pet dog as Finch? You reading this post have many questions like this. 

   According to this very sensitive story even in science fiction, it is clear when watching that the supporting actors who represent Finch’s old memories have also made an excellent contribution to the film, even if there is no other human character. To hold the audio with niece’s attention for 115 minutes from the opening moment to the last second, The Finch movie can be considered as an opportunity for we can walk, understand Finch’s commands, and make to show his excellent acting skills after the Greyhound movie.

   This film explains to us the feeling of a man who is alone with a dog in this world. He thinks about the fate of the dog after him and works hard to protect the dog and builds a robot. This shows the character of the human being. The surrounding environment is covered with dust clouds, isolated roads, buildings, etc., and the feelings generated by the leader of the story are well reflected by his facial expressions. Through this story, we are told that the environment exists without man, but man cannot exist without the environment. Therefore, this movie teaches a powerful lesson to mankind.

Caleb Landry Jones, who plays the role of the pet dog, also provides excellent support for the role of Finch. Using many visual effects, this movie was shot in Mexico through the post-apocalyptic nature. It is directed by Miguel Sapochinik and written by Craig Luck and Ivory Powell. It is a very successful movie that was screened in 2020.

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