Jul 05


Crime & Action Movie


  • Queen Latifah as Brenda
  • Ludacris as Reggie
  • Michaela Faith Lee as Kelly
  • Shaun Dixon as Cam
  • Beau Bridges as Hammers

 The latest film starring Queen Latifah, one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood cinema, is The End of the Road. Life is a very uncertain journey that cannot be predicted in advance. Anything can happen at any moment. The best example of that is The End of the Road Brenda, of Nigerian descent, decides to move from California to Texas with her two teenage children after the unfortunate death of her husband. Her younger brother Reggie also joins her on the trip. The journey through a desolate desert region marks the start of the film, bringing a great storm into their lives.

During the trip, Brenda and her family witness a murder in one of the secluded motels where they stay. They have to be eyewitnesses to the murder. While Brenda tries to save the dying man’s life, misfortune and danger spiral towards them when Reggie becomes obsessed with the money bag found where the man was.

Brenda has to face pressure from both the mysterious killer who committed the murder and the drug dealer Cross who claims to be the owner of the money. Brenda’s efforts to stay alive with her family members in the face of death help to keep her alive throughout the film. So, Will Brenda and her family be able to save their lives from the mysterious killer? Will murderers be punished? The answer to this is up to you.

These two actors and actresses can wonderfully portray Brenda’s fight as a courageous woman, and Reggie’s support for her, no matter how much her family’s lives are in danger. It is clear from the performance of both of them that the way the characters are built in the film is also very successful. The harsh reality of drug trafficking is also hinted at in this suspenseful horror film with violent fight scenes.

Although the Incident adjustment is a bit problematic, it does not hinder enjoyment at all. The director has tried to break the monotony of the film by including fun scenes even during the heart-pounding scenes of horror and fear. It can be said that this is another successful movie released in the year 2022 as the acting, direction, cinematography, and soundtrack of the actresses are very good.  Millicent Shelton directed this movie which can be watched with the same interest till the end. In a screenplay by David Loghary and Christopher J. Moore, the story is simple, but the film conveys several important messages to society.

Ludacris as Reggie and Mychala Faith Lee as Kelly. The time you spend at the end of the road for 1 hour and 31 minutes is sure to bring a wonderful experience. Queen Latifah’s performance as Brenda in this film, which demonstrates the creativity of the director, is very strong. 

Ludacris as Reggie and Mychala Faith Lee as Kelly. The time you spend at the end of the road for 1 hour and 31 minutes is sure to bring a wonderful experience. So, I invite you to watch this wonderful movie to reach the end of the road with the strong character Brenda. 

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