Feb 25

After Ever Happy 2022

After ever happy

Josephine Langford -Tessa Young

Hero Fiennes Tiffin – Hardin Scott

Carter Jenkins – Robert

Arielle Kebbel – Kimberly

Chance Perdomo – Landon Gibson

Kiana Madeira – Nora

Stephen Moyer – Christian Vance

After ever happy

                  Love is the best feeling in the world. And the most beautiful bond that can be formed between two hearts. No matter how one defines love, this love comes in different forms in real life. Perhaps there is a sincere love for one’s spouse. And under the beautiful word love, there can be a terrible deception. After is an excellent series of films in which different forms of love like this unfold in one story. After Ever Happy is the fourth film in this series of films that will be released in 2022.

After movies based on the novel After We fell written by Anna Todd in 2015, ‘After’ in 2019 ‘After We Collided’ in 2020, and ‘After We fell’ in 2021 have been released. The fifth film is also said to be in the post-production stage. This fourth film can also be considered a prequel to the first three films. After Ever Happy can be viewed as another chapter in Tessa Young and Hardin Scott’s love story. Screenplay by Sharon Soboyle and directed by Castile Landon, this film is getting less appreciation from the audience. The reason may be that all four films have the same content frame.


            However, the main character, Harding, gets to know about his biological father. That event is the main source of this story. His soul breaks down when he finds out that the person, he has considered his father for a long time is not his real father. His girlfriend Tessa has to put in a lot of effort to normalize the stubborn and quarrelsome behavior that follows. In that journey, the director has tried to include all the emotions that can exist between a loving couple such as sadness, happiness, anger, separation, pain, and lust through the characters of Tessa and Harding in this story. According to the movie, Harding’s drunken, hurtful behavior causes many problems between these two. Tessa shows that no matter how much love there is, there is a limit to the emotional pain that occurs in that relationship. However, if you want to know what kind of things Hardin will do in the future, who is very sad, frustrated, and angry because he found out that his whole life is a lie, you must watch this movie. Hero Fiennes-tiffin and Josephine Langport play the main roles here. If you haven’t watched the first movies of the after-movie series, I suggest you watch after watching the first movies because it will help you to enjoy the film with a good understanding of the characters. This is an R-rated movie because it contains sexual scenes. For adults who like to watch romantic movies, Happy Ever After will give you good enjoyment. 


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