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Deep Water 2022

Deepwater (2022)

Psychological thriller movie

Cast –
• Ana de Armas as Melinda Van Allen
• Ben Affleck as Vic Van Allen

I would be right if I said that marriage is like a garden where different seasons come, sometimes flowers bloom, sometimes fruits fall, and other times the leaves fall and the trees are stormy. I felt the same way while watching this movie. The life stories of a married couple may not be 100% compatible. There is no such thing as a perfect match anywhere in the world, but Deep Water is a mysterious story that has a slightly different marriage life story among the marriage life stories that flow forward very wonderfully to reconcile such mismatches. The basis of married life is love and trust. This bond is very deep and clear. But even if that relationship exists, the situations where the marriage fails due to the serious psychological pressures caused by each other’s incompatibilities through various desires are the basis of this Deepwater story. The director has made a great effort to unfold a deep reality through this story, such as how emotions such as hypocrisy, sexual jealousy, and mental pressure are expressed.

Vic is a wealthy young man. His rathe
Cast – the young, beautiful, and sexy wife, Melinda, is tempted to move on to various lovers when she doesn’t get some of the things, she expected from Vic. Because of this, Vic takes his retirement without waiting until he reaches the right age because he wants to protect his family life. because they have a little daughter, whose name is Trixie. No matter how many problems there are in married life, no matter how many jokes are made between friends, this couple is not in a hurry to divorce because of this little Trixie.
Strongly amorous, the beautiful Melinda falls into another relationship as one relationship ends, and these emotional affairs end with the disappearance of her lovers. Although Vic appears to be very wary of being involved, to understand his subconscious, one has to watch how he behaves when the lovers meet alone. Vik suffers from intense jealousy and anger; although he does not show any of these emotions, his moods and behavior are very violent. With Vic’s death threat to one of Melinda’s boyfriends, it seems for a moment that Vic is responsible for these disappearances, but the next scene manages to confuse that feeling again.
What will happen to the young men who were lovers of Melinda? Who is responsible for the disappearance of those young people? Although it seems to be a rather curious and strange secret incident, the audience must watch the film with understanding and composure to clear up this chain of events.

Due to the complexity of the film, the reviews are not very good, but I guarantee that there will be no hindrance to watching it because the director’s hard work to express those complex emotions is very successful. As still as a deep body of water but hiding many mysteries, Deepwater simply shows the conflicting nature of Vic and Melinda’s married life and their sexual jealousy towards each other, but the deep and horrible story underneath it will appeal to those who like to enjoy strange stories to watch again and again.
What steps will Vic, the protagonist of this movie, take to save his family’s life? Could he be a criminal? How will the fate of this couple be resolved in the end? Check out the Deepwater portfolio and discover its flavor. Enjoy it for what it is.
Based on the 1957 novel Deep Water by Patricia Highsmith, the movie Deep Water, directed by Adrian Lyne, was released in March 2022.



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