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Beast 2022

Beast 2022

Name of the film – Beast

Main characters – Idris Elba as Dr. Nate Samuels, Sharlto Copley as Martin, Leah Jeffries as Norah Samuels, Iyana Halley as Meredith

           It was shot in South Africa in 2021. It lasts 93 minutes. This movie has produced based on man-eating lions.
Children who received Love and affection from parents are too lucky than children without parents. What will happen when one of the parents departs? The main character of the movie is Dr.Nate. He has two daughters Meredith and Norah. He divorced his wife and soon after she died of cancer. Then their children got frustrated and got shocked. Dr. Nate needs to make a good relationship with his children. So he planned a trip and he takes his daughters to visit a forest in South Africa where their mother was born.

                          This story begins with a group called Kochas who hunt animals. They kill animals to get animal bones, skins, nails, etc. to sell. They hunt a herd of lions and one of the lions in that group escapes from the pack.
Then the killed lions are loaded into a vehicle. A group goes. Two of them stop to hunt the escaped lion. They both search for the lion separately. There, one person comes to the side of the other colleague with serious injuries. Then we see Dr. Nate and his two daughters ride in a helicopter. Getting off the helicopter, Nate and his two daughters are warmly welcomed by Martin biologist, and invited to his quarters. Nate’s wife has been friends with Martin since childhood. That night Meredith and Nate have a small argument. Saying that her mother died due to neglect by her father. Martin then intervened to prevent the dispute from going any further. The next morning, Martin takes Nate and his daughters to see the forest. Here, Martin was first taken to see a herd of lions, where he played with two very tame lions. After that, when they started their journey again, they saw a small village on the way and decided to stop there and meet with the villagers. After they entered the village, Was stunned by what he saw. What could that vision be? After that, when moving forward, a man from the village he met at first could be seen lying on the road and bleeding. Who seriously injured that man? What kind of horrible experiences will this group face when they pass that man? Will everyone be able to save their lives?

This movie has shot in an African forest. Here big and aggressive lion has computer generated one. But it has created a close to nature. Here we see the dedication of a father risking his life to save his children. Nate’s integrity, determination, dedication, and commitment to considering the lives of others as greater significant than his own are highly commendable. Visual and audio effects are in a good manner. It is better to watch the movie, feel it, and taste it. Have a great day. Thank you.


It is better to watch the movie, feel it, and taste it. Have a great day. Thank you.

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