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All Quiet on the Western Front 2022

All quiet on the Western Front


CastingDanielBrühl as Matthias Erzberger, Felix Kammerer as Paul Bäumer, Albrecht Schuch as Stanislaus ,Aaron Hilmer as Albert Kropp, DevidStriesow as General Friedrich, Edin Hasanović as TjadenStackfleet

                          War is a frantic quest for blood. Is there a heart to war? A tragedy based on the horrors of war has become the basis for the movie All quiet on the Western Front, which was screened in 2022. All quiet on the Western Front, based on a novel published in 1929 by the German writer Erich Maria Remarque, has tried to record the experiences of Remarque as a soldier in the First World War through the character of Pol Bauer. In the first scenes here, we find how the young boys are being recruited into the German army by deceiving them with patriotic speeches. There, Paul and his friends join the army with fake signatures because their parents did not approve, and they soon realize that the war is very different from the fantasy they imagined. So they go to the battlefront even though they are very reluctant. The mental trauma of new soldiers including Paul, who is sent to the battlefront without proper training, hunger, and death, and all the mental conditions of a soldier who appears to be dying, are depicted here through the characters. This film has been able to portray in a very pathetic way how a young man like Paul, who cannot bear the shock of the death and injury of his friends, has no other choice but to go to war. following the orders of the greedy for power higher. this film can depict sensitively how the soldiers fall on top of each other and die as per the orders of the higher officers. Remark, who wrote the novel on which the film is based, has experienced many of those horrific experiences and cruelty, so he has successfully and realistically incorporated the sad nature and frustration of a soldier’s life into the story.

The incident involving the French soldier who stabbed Paul to death in the middle of the First World War shows that the ground-level soldiers of Germany and France are all human beings with the same human feelings and that their enemy is the same as their neighbors. A pictorial expression of how precious and delightful peace is through the silent and still scenes of the environment bearing this tragedy, which includes many sensitive scenes where mountains of corpses are rising everywhere, one is fleeing, one is taking his last breath and begging for life. The scenes, backdrops, clothing designs, and styling used here have been beneficial in portraying the environment, social environment, and individual behavior during the war. That may have been a reason for the realism and success of this film. Through well-managed visual effects and sounds, this film manages to make the audience live in the early 1900s. This novel, also nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1931, was also based on a film in 1930. Again in 2022, the movie All quiet on the Western Front was released as a remake. has. Internationally acclaimed and successful, it is directed by Edward Berger and distributed worldwide by Netflix.
               Running for one hour and 22 minutes, this film can be watched without any boredom, but it must be said that it is difficult for sensitive people to watch. I invite all of you who like to watch war movies to watch.


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