Aug 13

A Man called Otto (2022)

Otto is another very interesting film that was released in 2022 and is full of comedy and drama. To understand why this story revolves around Otto, a sixty-three-year-old widower, is so interesting, you have to watch it. A Man Called Otto is a remake of the 2012 Swedish film A Man Called Ovie, written by David Magi and directed by Mark Foster. 

Tom Hanks stars as Otto, while Marana Treviño, Rachel Keller, and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo play supporting roles.

  Otto Anderson is a mature man who has reached old age, but he is a man who is disillusioned with the unexpected death of his wife Sonia, who was a teacher. Although he is suffering from severe mental retardation, he tries to kill himself from time to time, but all those attempts fail due to various obstacles from his neighbors. Pregnant Marisol, who moved in as a new neighbor, tries to befriend Otto with her husband Tommy and two children named Abbey and Lunar but receives an indifferent response. But their arrival interrupts Otto’s first suicide attempt, that of hanging himself. There, Otto avoids falling from the ceiling and Otto goes to his wife’s grave and reminisces about the silver quarter she gave him.

Then comes how another neighboring family helps Anita. Otto supports Anita, although he is not impressed with Anita’s stroke-stricken husband Ruben. As the story progresses, Otto’s second suicide attempt is shown to fail. Otto plans to kill himself by filling his garage with carbon monoxide poisoning, but the second attempt is interrupted when Marisol has to help Tommy, who borrows his ladder, take him to the hospital after he falls and breaks his leg.

Another attempt to kill himself by jumping on a train is thwarted by having to save another man who suddenly falls onto the tracks. But the fact that the incident was caught on camera and spread on social media is a fact that seems to be very troubling for Otto, who is trying to let go of all ties. Recalling that his pregnant wife Sonia lost their child in a car accident that left her paralyzed, Malcolm prevents Otto from another attempt to shoot himself.

  I will not tell you what his next plan was when all his efforts to save his life from his neighbors in this way failed. 

Otto can be called a dramatic film that goes deep into the emotions of the viewers. Through the character of Auto, who dives into painful past memories and engages in a self-conflict with his emotions, Tom Hanks has been able to bring the audience to a strong emotional upheaval. The strength of the film lies in the subtle and subtle presentation of the complex story theme here. 

You will understand that the relationships that the character builds with various hopes for a person who has suffered a serious mental breakdown seem successful, but their impact is not enough to overcome his trauma.

  In terms of emotion, the blockbuster film Auto portrays the complexity of human thoughts and leaves many important messages for society. Also, as another positive feature, the use of music that gives meaning to visual images can be introduced. A man called Otto is a box office movie of 2022, which is able to leave a different impression that stays in the corner of the heart even after watching the movie. I will stop by inviting you to enjoy this different experience.


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